Safe & Reliable Oilfield Maintenance & Construction

Oil and gas extraction is a complex service that calls for specialized knowledge. With Strome Energy you get that knowledge, plus the confidence of partnering with a company who has an unparalleled safety record and years of experience serving oil sands operations.

Oil & Gas Maintenance
& Construction

Oil Sands



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Our Commitment to Quality

We’re a solutions-oriented company known for our personalized service and quality of work. Our customers rely on us to help provide rental equipment, labour, and maintenance solutions for oil & gas projects, mine dewatering and  oilfield construction.

Our commitment to providing top quality service means that when you hire Strome Energy Services, things are done right, that’s our promise to you.

Water Management from The Experts

Groundwater is a major issue for oil sands operations. Water incursions create safety hazards that slow, or even halt, production. We’re an unparalleled water management partner with experience installing and maintaining dewatering and depressurizing systems for mines in Western Canada. 

We drill needed wells, install pipelines, and monitor system performance. If a problem occurs, we’re there to fix it fast to avoid disruption to your operation.

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Strome Energy Services - Results Driven and Focused on Quality!

Quality Service and Equipment

Mining operations require a huge investment in equipment. Renting equipment is a great way to reduce your investment, reduce maintenance costs and spread out project costs over time.

When you rent from us you get leading edge brand name equipment that’s in top form. We  keep all of our assets in peak condition with scheduled maintenance and repairs to avoid costly breakdowns.